Christian Luye


Food and Lemonade

Lemonade House Grille — 2017

Jim Hoyt, the creator of the Lemonade House Grille, trusted me with the production of a high energy video that showed off the unique, American styled food at his chain of restaurants. After spending a day following the various employees at several locations, I had some great content to string together and show just how exciting it was to experience the many burgers and lemonades this brand had to offer.

Rachel Lynn Beauty Highlight

Rachel Lynn Beauty Salon — 2018

Rachel is a very talented aesthetician who gave me the opportunity to capture one of her most popular services. Her unique workspace required a much more contemporary vibe to attract new clients, which allowed me to create an excitingly different type of video.

Franchise Success

Lemonade House Grille — 2017

The Lemonade House Grille is a rapidly growing and successful restaurant in Southeast Missouri. This lead to the need to create a compelling and inspirational promotion to share at conventions in surrounding states full of aspiring business owners. I wanted to combine the unique atmosphere that brought this brand to such heights with the real world examples of just how profitable of a decision this could be for others to take on. What I discovered, was that these individuals hold a true passion for their business.

The Snow Falls

Personal Project — 2018

In my free time, I like to experiment with different ideas, techniques, and compositions that I haven't been able to try yet. A recent snowstorm gave me the inspiration to put a cinematic twist on what may seem like a typical occurrence in the Northeast. It's my continuing hope that I can bring more and more of these interesting ideas to my everyday work.


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